On February 11, the "Zdybanka" youth center presented its first annual report. The participants of the event could learn about all kinds of activities that took place in the center, as well as the various trainings and forums which the team and volunteer ambassadors took part in throughout the year. Summaries were drawn up regarding the general level of attendemce at the center. The partners who most supported our activities were identified. The representatives of "Tabula Rasa for the future generation" introduced guests to the history of its establishment, as well as the stories of its founding members. We also determined common future goals for YC "Zdybanka" and the organization. We would like to use this opportunity to once again express our gratitude to such partners of the NGO "Tabula Rasa for the Future Generation" and YC "Zdybanka", as the Batyovo Council, the "Mrijemo ta Dijemo" program, the NGO "Youth Platform", the NGO "STAN" , the NGO "Youth Space" and the NGO "Science4People".