is an international initiative of scientists and those aware of the role of science and innovation for the future of our civilization. From which this future will grow is education, which is severely impaired in conflict-torn countries. TABU supports these communities to care for the vulnerable and foster education, to open prospects for the future.



The "Tabula Rasa for the Future Generation" NGO was created in the fall of 2022 at the initiative of nine activists from the Batyovo Hromada of Zakarpattia Oblast with the aim of developing a creative civil society through the support and implementation of various youth initiatives. Each member of the organization already has previous experience in working with youth and children, including internally displaced persons. For more than two years, our team has been leading the "Zdybanka" youth center, which is one of the only institutions in Transcarpathia that is especially aimed at the implementation of the local youth policy and is designed to provide free services for young people in the near future.




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The extraordinary heroes of everyday life

March 16, 2024 — San Sanych is no ordinary volleyball coach. Unfortunately, he had to flee his native Southern Ukraine in the summer of 2022 because it was under occupation. He and his family found a new home in Western Ukraine, where he became a pillar of the local community. He took up a job as a high school physical education teacher and immediately put his many years of coaching experience to good use. He now coaches 5 teams, 2-3 times a week for a total of 22 hours, all in his spare time and for free, out of his own pocket. The children coached by San Sanych had never before been offered such … More

SKOLA+ keeps expanding!

March 14, 2024 — As of January 2024, the SKOLA+ program has now moved from its pilot phase to full-fledged projects. Under the Skola+ programme, 20 teachers in 5 schools provide remedial and talent development sessions for around 250 students in the western and near frontline areas of Ukraine. These sessions are not just a dry review of the curriculum, but a playful way to improve children's mental health and academic performance. And this is just the beginning! Our plans and dreams are still big and getting bigger. We are grateful for all the donations and encouragement received so far, which not only … More

Nobel Prize meets SKOLA+

November 10, 2023 — On October 31, Professor Ferenc Krausz paid a visit to Transcarpathia in order to meet with teachers and students who are actively engaged in the “SKOLA+” educational project. This initiative is made possible through our partnership with the NGO “Science4People. During his visit, Professor Krausz had the opportunity to personally engage with the two schools involved in the initial phase of the project. He had productive conversations with both students and teachers, observed several classes, and personally delivered S4P’s additional equipment for the enhancement of future SKOLA+ classes.  … More


October 2, 2023 — On October 2, Tabula Rasa for the Future Generation launched their pilot educational project, SKOLA+ with the support of Science4People. What is SKOLA+? Our goal is to assist students in two rural Transcarpathian schools in bridging the learning gaps caused by the war and the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, we aim to enhance the knowledge of select students in specific subjects beyond the standard curriculum. To achieve the project's objectives, teachers will have the autonomy to make decisions regarding their activities within the project. They can develop work plans, select the subjects … More

International Youth Day 2023

August 12, 2023 — On August 12, we took part in the organization of Youth Day 2023 at the Zdybanka youth center. The event attracted over 30 people. Its program included an interesting quest, several creative locations, art therapy classes, as well as a short presentation of the center’s projects and our joint activities. The event ended with a performance by Ukrainian artist and activist Serhii Letuchy, during which the audience got acquainted not only with his art, but also with his civil work. The event was part of all-Ukrainian Youth Day 2023 within the framework of the USAID "Mriemo ta Diemo" program, … More

Earth Day 2023

April 22, 2023 — Tabula Rasa for the future generation in partnership with the Science4People held a drawing competition among local students for Earth Day 2023 as part of the project "For the sake of the future generation". 130 pupils from 5 schools of the Batyovo community took part in it. Through anonymous voting, 9 winners were chosen (three people in each age category), each of whom received a package with an art set and a board game. The winners were announced on April 22 at an event in honor of Earth Day, at which the NGO team in cooperation with the Student Self-Government of the Bakosh Lyceum, held an … More

Design session

February 18, 2023 — In February, the Zdybanka Youth Center team, together with members of the NGO Tabula Rasa for the Future Generation, began work on updating the design of the youth center's premises. As part of this, a joint facilitation meeting with local young people was held on February 18, where participants jointly identified the needs of future potential visitors to the center, the areas into which the premises and yard could be divided, and the necessary equipment to fill the center. The design activities for the Zdybanka Youth Center are part of the "Dreaming and Acting" program implemented by IREX in … More


February 11, 2023 — On February 11, the "Zdybanka" youth center presented its first annual report. The participants of the event could learn about all kinds of activities that took place in the center, as well as the various trainings and forums which the team and volunteer ambassadors took part in throughout the year. Summaries were drawn up regarding the general level of attendemce at the center. The partners who most supported our activities were identified. The representatives of "Tabula Rasa for the future generation" introduced guests to the history of its establishment, as well as the stories of its … More

Power Banks

January 11, 2023 — The first shipment of powerbanks has arrived in our community. They have already been performing their welcome services here since the turn of the year. Two pieces went to the office of the Batyovo Council, where they will be used in the ID department. Two units went to the school in Bakosh, and another two to the youth center “Zdybanka”. Moreover, two sets are always ready for the volunteers, who will use them where they are most needed. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partner, “Science4People”, and supporters on behalf of everyone on site! More

Our new office

December 11, 2022 — Thanks to the support of our partner, "Science4People", we were able transform one of the rooms of the "Zdybanka" youth center into an office for the team of the center and our organization. Now the small room is equipped with tables and comfortable chairs, as well as several shelves and cabinets for storing supplies, stationery and all kinds of trinkets. This way, one of our members or volunteers can be found there during most workdays. More


December 8, 2022 — Thanks to the cooperation of “Tabula Rasa for the next generation” and “Science4People”, as well as their generous supporters, the youth center “Zdybanka” became richer with a fantastic gift. The young people of the our community and the IDPs who found safety here after fleeing the full-scale invasion, could take possession of a super ping-pong table. And whether it's a coincidence or not, Oleksandr (San-Sanych), a tennis coach who fled from the Kherson area in a manner fitting for a horror novel, also lives in the community, and he gladly took it upon himself to teach the guys. In this way, … More


September 3, 2022 — On September 3, 2022, the team of the NGO "Tabula Rasa for the future generation", together with the team of the youth center "Zdybanka" held a charity auction, the funds from which - namely 23 thousand hryvnias - were equally transferred to the Zakarpattia regional shelter for minors in Batyovo, as well as to the "Come Back Alive" Foundation. The participants of the event had the opportunity to purchase paintings drawn by local youth at a workshop, held on the Independence Day of Ukraine. One of the paintings went to the head of our partner organization "Science4People", and several paintings … More



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