On October 2, Tabula Rasa for the Future Generation launched their pilot educational project, SKOLA+ with the support of Science4People.
What is SKOLA+?
Our goal is to assist students in two rural Transcarpathian schools in bridging the learning gaps caused by the war and the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, we aim to enhance the knowledge of select students in specific subjects beyond the standard curriculum. To achieve the project's objectives, teachers will have the autonomy to make decisions regarding their activities within the project. They can develop work plans, select the subjects for classes, adjust the group sizes, and choose whether to focus on remedial or advanced instruction, among other decisions. Within the project's framework, free classes are conducted every week, covering subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Mathematics, History, Ukrainian, English, and Hungarian languages, as well as local history. Both primary and high school students can take part in the extra lessons. Currently, 100 students and 12 teachers have registered to participate. The first phase of SKOLA+ is scheduled to continue until the end of this school term in December. The second phase, which will include at least one additional school, is set to commence in February 2024 and run until the end of the second term in May.