San Sanych is no ordinary volleyball coach. Unfortunately, he had to flee his native Southern Ukraine in the summer of 2022 because it was under occupation. He and his family found a new home in Western Ukraine, where he became a pillar of the local community.
He took up a job as a high school physical education teacher and immediately put his many years of coaching experience to good use.
He now coaches 5 teams, 2-3 times a week for a total of 22 hours, all in his spare time and for free, out of his own pocket. The children coached by San Sanych had never before been offered such opportunities. The "super coach" has a magical way of attracting and retaining the attention, motivation and love of team sports in children and young people.
It is clear that such people and initiatives deserve to be embraced and supported.
Thanks to S4P's supporters, we and our partners, the Tabula Rasa NGO, have launched the SPORT+ programme to support San Sanych's training sessions. First of all, we have acquired sports equipment, uniform kits, as well as prize trophies and medals. We can also support the coach with a small monthly compensation. But there is still a lot more to be done, so we want to secure the long-term needs of the SPORT+ programme and add more super coaches to the project, because there are some.
The photos were taken on March 16th at the Spring Cup tournament, in which San Sanych teams played against each other.